Autism won’t take his life

You can only imagine the Joy's a mom feels when she brings a baby into this world. In that moment all you see is the light of something beautiful you created and brought into this world. Your mind is still and at ease. No worry in the world. Just tremendous amounts a joy and love. [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

My husband and I never really celebrated Valentine's Day. Not that I can remember right now. After caring for sick children all week I am brain dead. I hope he does not read this and get offended lol. We always did a gift exchange. My favorites were when he would bring a heart shaped pizza [...]

A Gift Your Child’s Teacher Will Be Thankful For

Okay so I'm all for loot bags and goodies but at Christmas time especially after making 100 of them in October for Halloween and my daughter birthday I have given up on loot bags for Christmas. And to my surprise it has paid off well. Before our youngest started school we use to gift my [...]