My husband and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. Not that I can remember right now. After caring for sick children all week I am brain dead. I hope he does not read this and get offended lol. We always did a gift exchange. My favorites were when he would bring a heart shaped pizza from work. Or when we would be binge watching a new season we fell in love with and he would buy the next season.

About 7 years ago I took it upon myself to make something really special. I got a babysitter. Planned the whole night. About nine months later baby S was born. Scorpio and a super hard baby. Since then we sworn off celebrating Valentine’s Day. Now we make it a family event and alternate each year.

I remember the first year we celebrated Valentine’s Day with both our children. My husband is a baker so he is usually up and off to work in the middle of the night. He took the time to leave a little treasure hunt of stuffed teddy bears and chocolates for us to find when we woke up. It was so very special.


The following years we would play games and make Valentine’s Cards for the family. Make and decorate cupcakes. Do painting activities. Go out for lunch. Buy the kids something special. There was a time I was into creating and made my husband a memory box. It suits us and our family.


We try to make special family oriented traditions with our kids. We decorate the house a special theme. Order in together in our pajamas. Watch movies and cuddle up with good chocolates.


Then the kids started school and would bring home the cutest Valentine’s Day crafts they made at school for us.


This year we made I Heart U cupcakes. The kids had fun decorating them and eating all the icing.


And then you have the one year your beautiful sister-in-law surprises you with roses. It is always nice to know the family is thinking of you and receiving a nice surprise.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily need to be spent with a partner. It’s not about the flowers, the chocolates or the fancy dinners. It’s about love and as long as you share it with the people in your life that matters the most to you, then that’s a day worth living for.

This year has been a great kick start with my Avon business as well. For a few days I had been thinking of something I could put together quickly for my team and my ladies. Doing a giveaway was something I had in mind before but was not sure how to craft it. So I did some research today, put it together and sent it out. I love my ladies and the friendships I have been privileged to have with them. After a few hard years and ditching some bad friendships. I have new light and new hope and new wisdom. I trust in my journey and I am slowly putting myself out there again. And could not feel more blessed.


We’d love to hear what you are doing tonight. Comment below your plans. Whether you have reservations to a fancy restaurant. Out with a girlfriend. At home in your pajamas. Tell us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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