Okay so I’m all for loot bags and goodies but at Christmas time especially after making 100 of them in October for Halloween and my daughter birthday I have given up on loot bags for Christmas. And to my surprise it has paid off well.

Before our youngest started school we use to gift my sons class with a present each. Usually a book for the kids and a candle, mug or chocolates for the teacher. Since he is in an ISP class with no more than 9 children it was a gift both myself and my son loved giving.

Now with Sophia in school with 20+ kids I have just lost my patience and organizational skills to make it all personal. On top of our family and friends.

So a couple years ago we decided on gift baskets. And every year it is such a hit. So if you are wondering on a cheap jaw dropping gift for your son or daughters class this year try this.

Teachers are always on the hunt for school supplies and fun crafts to do with the class before the holiday break. So we go out to dollarama and fill a basket with just that.

Neat crafts for the kids, crafting supplies and they’re favourite.. candy canes!

The less guess work to it the better. I usually go with the flow and pick up what catches my attention. This year we went with modeling clay, crayons, stickers, felt sheets, a craft kit and a decorative Santa and snowman for the classroom.

I’m a curious bee and love soaking in fun new ideas. What are your go-to school gifts?

Looking forward to chatting in the comments:)

Your friend,

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  1. I agree i just did my basket today fir the whole classrom so they all can injoe love the holidayes but dont love spending unnecessary money so the basket with all the goodies that kids use is the best way to go 😍

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